Monday, 14 February 2011

Why Do People Boo Jedward?

I thought I'd post this up quick, while everyone is still in the mood for hugging pink bunnies and blowing kisses to strangers.

Jedward. I adore them, I love them, they entertain and fascinate me. To me, they are living proof that dreams do come true. Although they have legions of jedicated fans, I am aware that many people don't like them - obvious by the vile and vitriol written about them and how people scoff when their names are mentioned. Oh and of course: the booing.

On Friday night, Jedward were announced the winners of Ireland's Eurosong on the Late Late Show - the contest which decides Ireland's act for the Eurovision song contest in May. I could not help but be affected by Jedward's jubilation. They jumped and shouted and hi-fived, as expected, but clearly not everyone was as thrilled.

Soon after the results, presenter Ryan Tubridy turned to the audience to ask those booing to 'show a little respect. They won fair and square. Give them their moment of happiness. You might not agree with the results but have respect for all those involved; their families, singers and song writers'.

It was at that moment I realised just how juvenile those people were. We didn't get to see them but they sounded like fully grown men.

What leads grown adults in to showing that level of hostility to two young kids? To go out of their way to publicly be malicious to two boys who have never been anything but sweet and respectful to their family, fans and even their critics. What crimes Jedward must have committed do deserve such ugly reactions.

The only thing Jedward are 'guilty' of is entering a talent competition because they believed in themselves. They had a dream, got off their backsides and did something about it. That's their 'crime'.

It was the judges and the public who voted to keep them in the X Factor. The public bought their single, their album and tickets to their sold outs tours. Anyone would chomp at the bit to have the opportunities that they are enjoying. Why would they, or should they stop doing what they love just because a few people don't like them?

I'm not asking anyone to love them or their work. If fans love and support them, then that's up to them. However if others dislike them then they are fully entitled to not buy their singles, to avert their eyes, switch off the radio/TV and to not read about them. There’s no need for booing or verbal abuse.

It’s so simple. It’s black and white.

I'm really very bewildered, aghast at what I heard on the show and disappointed - disappointed, because some people think its okay to be horrible to others because they're not to their taste. Really? Is this really who we've become?

They're human beings. They're people with hopes and aspirations, the same as the rest of us.

These harmless boys, and anyone else who is trying to follow their dreams, should be earning our encouragement and support. They had the guts to introduce themselves to the world at the risk of facing rejection. Most of us couldn't do that.

My advice: if you really must boo, save it for people who actually deserve them.

PS; Congratulations to Ireland on its selection process. It was open, fun and fair. They had judges, panels and a public vote. The UK, in stark contrast, had no voting, no panel and it was all done in private. The BBC decided we could do away with democracy and just appointed Blue for the job.


  1. I'm not going to pretend I like Jedwards music but I do agree they don't deserve to be booed. It's not really their fault they were in x factor. Louis put them through and people voted for them because they enjoyed watching them. Who is Joe Mcelderry?? Nobody cares but you see Jedward everywhere. Anyway like I said they don't deserve to be booed, it is immature and unnecessary. If you don't like em you don't like em.

  2. i wont say they're most talented musicians...ahem. but they're actually really funny and you can tell they're genuine. if you dont like them, ignore them...simples!

  3. Lol Ayeshah exactly, who is Joe McElderry. He's a nice enough guy but not as entertaining as Jedward!!!

    And Ashi, I'm glad you've recognised that they do come across genuine and quite naive! Some people think its an act but it can't be... You can actually SEE on their faces when they finally get a joke and start giggling or when something has gone right over their heads and they dont get whats being said lol.. its adorable!

    I don't think even I, their number one fan, would say that they have the best voice in the industry but then who does. Music is all about the sound, the image and the hype these days.