Friday, 11 February 2011

Reflections on the Dutty Wine


As a relatively sheltered Asian girl my idea of strenuous dancing was always the macarena. Until, that is, I discovered the Dutty Wine...

I felt like I was witnessing an exorcism.

Wikipedia describes it as a 'head dance' - this is so much of an understatement it is almost a LIE. It involves a specimen of the female sex rolling her body provocatively whilst very, very violently swinging her head in a circular motion. In the words of Tony Matterhorn (a Jamaican artist - I've done the research) they 'wheel the neck!'. Oh, and the dancers are usually clothed (?) in a string bikini and a cheese cutter denim cut offs. So: bum up, elbows out and head like a propeller, about to take off.

What intrigues me is that people have actually died from partaking in this leisurely activity - doctors have repeatedly issued warnings against 'throwing your body in extreme positions' and yet it remains ever popular. I don't understand why (and I don't think I ever will), but I do suspect that male attention plays a significant part in why women feel the need to move like feral chicken.


  1. i swear my head hurt from just reading the description of this 'dance'...

    ...yep still hurting :\

  2. I have witnessed this dance in high school and I personally found it funny! Your post on it is even funnier! LOL.

  3. Gaah I remember that song was everywhere when it first came out :/ I shan't lie, it was catchy but the dance...seriously? Crackheads the lot of 'em, hubby told me about some girl that did the ol' dutty whine in a club and ended up in a body bag lol I shouldn't laugh but come on, what did she expect?!

    Fave quote : 'So: bum up, elbows out and head like a propeller, about to take off.'

    LOOOOOOL nuff said xXx oOo

  4. bloody hell.
    Why oh why.

    PS: warra match!!

  5. LMAO. I'm Jamaican so I have to say, I don't think the dance has anything to do with entertaining men (cos I fail to see how the dutty wine is attractive and please note I don't know how to do this dance and nor do I intend to attempt it). Jamaicans just like to make up some weird dances. Signal the plane and give me a run being 2 of them, where you literally are signalling a plane and running. In a country where things are "seriously easy going" (as the malibu adverts say), Jamaicans have time to make up weird dances lol.

    Btw I might also add I attended an Asian friends mendhi and this tune came on. Me and my sis were the only black girls there, everyone was like "go on this is your music". Errrr no it's not and the Asian girls were actually DOING the dutty wine whilst me and my sister sat and watched in amusement. Obviously they thought it was cool.

  6. Ashi, I'm glad we're on the same page haha

    Smaryan, thank you lol x

    Smiley, yep and that Rooney goal... Wow. Just wow :) x

  7. Carmen as I type I am trying so hard to suppress the laugh on the tip of my tongue. Did she knock herself out or something????? My head is buzzing with questions lol its such an odd thing to do, I don't think I can quite comprehend.. that someone has actually died... from doing the dutty wine. Atleast she went out with a bang!

  8. Ayeshah - Hahahahha I'm sorry I can't imagine Asian girls doing it. It probably looked worse if they were dressed in sparkly asian gear lol

    How does signal the plane go? hahaha is 'give me a run' like the running man??? hehehahhah I'm loving this.

    Oh and dont pretend you dont do the dance. I've seen you when you think nobody is looking...


  9. I am english and my fiancee of four years is Jamaican. He was bought up dancing in this manner but he said, that out of respect to me that he would not dance. We are obviously, from two very different cultures and if our relationship is to work we both needed to find some middle ground. We have had long indepth conversations about many things. He is very respectful and caring and believe you me, there are wonderful Jamaican men out there. Never generalise....we were definitely meant to be together.