Friday, 29 April 2011

The Trees Didn't Make Me Cry!

I am so happy! She did the trees very differently to how I would have, so I sat back with a bowl of popcorn and enjoyed the Wedding immensly. I liked Princess Catherine's dress (is this how she is to be addressed now?) but it was kind of predictable. Well, I predicted long sleeves, tiny waist and a v-neck and I dreamt that she'd have a lot of lace and a long-ish train. My talents truly know no bounds.

Many people have commented that the dress looks very similar to Grace Kelly's wedding dress, but I also think it was reminiscent of Princess Margaret:


I wont post any pictures, because God knows you've probably had enough of them today, but there is one image which I think deserves a WITW spotlight:

The bridesmaid, not the kiss.

All in all a fairytale wedding. Not quite my cup of tea but it was lovely to see such a happy couple. And I did choke up a bit when Prince William told his bride at the alter that she looks beautiful.

The Royal Wedding Will Have Me in TEARS!

No. It is not enough that Catherine KATE Middleton gets to have her prince, a glass carriage, a tiara and everything else but she just HAD to nick MY tree idea! Ok, well I don't really have any fantasies of marrying a prince but I am sure many others do. But STILL - MY TREES! She couldn't leave me just one thing.

And to rub salt in my wounds, this is what I had to pay £5 of my good money for:

I'm so scared someone might see it and mistake me for someone who cares.
You can tell I'm annoyed because even her name is annoying me. Not every girl grows up to be a princess but that's ok because some girls (me) manage fine with a day job, bills and some sexy TREES - but wait, I forget, trees aren't sacred any more!

Hmph. I wasn't even fussed until I stumbled across pictures of MY trees attending HER wedding.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

♥ Quote of the Week


New Doctor Who Trailer (The Stuff of Nightmares)

I am so excited! Judging by the trailer I'm hoping that this next series will be scarier but I'll be happy either way!

This is the creature I find scariest:


Friday, 1 April 2011

Giving My Life a Makeover

Recently, something inside me just snapped. I realised that I am capable of so much but there I was, plodding along. I can be so much more but I don’t think I’ve been trying at all recently. It feels like all I do all I am is getting up, going to work, coming home, then sleep.

(I apologise if the last paragraph sounds really snotty and pretentious but I think that we all have the ability to go further and higher.)

So, lately, I have made a few changes.

The biggest change is that I will be leaving my current work place for a larger charity in a couple of weeks time. I am really sad to be leaving my wonderful team but also quietly excited about working for an organisation I have admired since childhood. Like I said, I really will miss my team/my friends but this is a change that I need. I need a fresh challenge. I need movement and I need space to grow.

Another big change I have made is that I am trying to lead a healthier lifestyle. I especially like this one as it is something I started to do without even realising. I’m happy with my body and size but I do realise that one day my bad diet will catch up with me. I have been walking home from work a few times a week (takes about two hours) and do a few sit ups here and there. I have even taken to lunching on rabbit food, as below:

Actually, I must admit it’s quite nice! It’s the Potato and Free Range Egg Side Salad from Waitrose. The salad cream sauce is delicious! I snack more on fresh and dried fruits and nuts and eat less chocolate and junk in general. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t forsaken my oil and grease entirely but small steps, right? I have also been hooked on Green Tea with honey, which has done wonders!

On the topic of green tea, my skin has been looking fabulous! I have implemented a skin routine which I follow almost to the letter. I had very vague routines before but now I am really seeing the benefits in actually listening to my skin and being very religious about it. It looks clearer and brighter but I do still get the odd hormonal break outs. I will do a separate post on my routine and some reviews.

The list is still quite short but I am pleased with the progress I have made so far. There are a few other things I am planning to do but planning doesn't holds as much weight as doing!

Here’s to striving for our goals and dreams, however big or small they may be!

♥ ♥ ♥