Friday, 29 April 2011

The Trees Didn't Make Me Cry!

I am so happy! She did the trees very differently to how I would have, so I sat back with a bowl of popcorn and enjoyed the Wedding immensly. I liked Princess Catherine's dress (is this how she is to be addressed now?) but it was kind of predictable. Well, I predicted long sleeves, tiny waist and a v-neck and I dreamt that she'd have a lot of lace and a long-ish train. My talents truly know no bounds.

Many people have commented that the dress looks very similar to Grace Kelly's wedding dress, but I also think it was reminiscent of Princess Margaret:


I wont post any pictures, because God knows you've probably had enough of them today, but there is one image which I think deserves a WITW spotlight:

The bridesmaid, not the kiss.

All in all a fairytale wedding. Not quite my cup of tea but it was lovely to see such a happy couple. And I did choke up a bit when Prince William told his bride at the alter that she looks beautiful.

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