Friday, 29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding Will Have Me in TEARS!

No. It is not enough that Catherine KATE Middleton gets to have her prince, a glass carriage, a tiara and everything else but she just HAD to nick MY tree idea! Ok, well I don't really have any fantasies of marrying a prince but I am sure many others do. But STILL - MY TREES! She couldn't leave me just one thing.

And to rub salt in my wounds, this is what I had to pay £5 of my good money for:

I'm so scared someone might see it and mistake me for someone who cares.
You can tell I'm annoyed because even her name is annoying me. Not every girl grows up to be a princess but that's ok because some girls (me) manage fine with a day job, bills and some sexy TREES - but wait, I forget, trees aren't sacred any more!

Hmph. I wasn't even fussed until I stumbled across pictures of MY trees attending HER wedding.


  1. aww your trees..i can vouch it was your ideas first!! but really how dare she!!x

  2. THANK YOU! I will certainly be counting you as a witness should anyone ever think I am a royalist and only got trees so I can pretend I am a princess! lol x