Friday, 1 April 2011

Giving My Life a Makeover

Recently, something inside me just snapped. I realised that I am capable of so much but there I was, plodding along. I can be so much more but I don’t think I’ve been trying at all recently. It feels like all I do all I am is getting up, going to work, coming home, then sleep.

(I apologise if the last paragraph sounds really snotty and pretentious but I think that we all have the ability to go further and higher.)

So, lately, I have made a few changes.

The biggest change is that I will be leaving my current work place for a larger charity in a couple of weeks time. I am really sad to be leaving my wonderful team but also quietly excited about working for an organisation I have admired since childhood. Like I said, I really will miss my team/my friends but this is a change that I need. I need a fresh challenge. I need movement and I need space to grow.

Another big change I have made is that I am trying to lead a healthier lifestyle. I especially like this one as it is something I started to do without even realising. I’m happy with my body and size but I do realise that one day my bad diet will catch up with me. I have been walking home from work a few times a week (takes about two hours) and do a few sit ups here and there. I have even taken to lunching on rabbit food, as below:

Actually, I must admit it’s quite nice! It’s the Potato and Free Range Egg Side Salad from Waitrose. The salad cream sauce is delicious! I snack more on fresh and dried fruits and nuts and eat less chocolate and junk in general. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t forsaken my oil and grease entirely but small steps, right? I have also been hooked on Green Tea with honey, which has done wonders!

On the topic of green tea, my skin has been looking fabulous! I have implemented a skin routine which I follow almost to the letter. I had very vague routines before but now I am really seeing the benefits in actually listening to my skin and being very religious about it. It looks clearer and brighter but I do still get the odd hormonal break outs. I will do a separate post on my routine and some reviews.

The list is still quite short but I am pleased with the progress I have made so far. There are a few other things I am planning to do but planning doesn't holds as much weight as doing!

Here’s to striving for our goals and dreams, however big or small they may be!

♥ ♥ ♥


  1. I know what you mean since I have been on that path since this year has started. I love tea especially oolong and now I'mi ndulging in chamomile which I love.

    Juicing can also be another great and easy way to implement healthier foods and not to mention the benefits. I also topped consuming so much sweets and have found since cutting down on sugar my skin is less of a pain. The routine of life we sometimesget lost in can consume you. Glad to see that we are striving for change.

  2. I am going out to buy some green tea!! anything to bring the glow back :)

  3. Glad to know someone's having a great time make overing :)
    Green tea is actually very wonderful.Im looking forward to your routine and review post!
    And duuuude! dont mean to sound rude, but I was like craning my head to the side trying to figure out which way up that picture is. Its most probably just me because no one else has mentioned it 8-)

  4. I need to give my life a makeover too. Reading this has given me one big push forward. InshaAllah khair and all the best,