Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Mr Ryan Giggs

I realise this is a football related post. I do. I am not going to pretend I am some sort of pundit and I really don’t know much about it at the moment. Sure, when I’m bored or there’s a big event on (namely the World Cup) I do read up on it and can usually out-swot the most avid of [usually male] fans – ha!

Anyway, a tribute to Ryan Giggs, who today was voted Manchester United’s greatest player by its fans. I’m a fan and I would have voted him too. (If only he had played for England).

Also, growing up I watched a lot of Paul Scholes and Peter Schmichael so I am very glad they made the top ten. I know, my nostalgia is not a premise for recognition but they made it to the top regardless.

Man Utd v Aston Villa tonight! We have been a bit shaky recently but I’m confident we’ll perform well. I do hope it isn’t a repeat of last November (!) but I’m sure it will be an interesting match nevertheless.

To balance out the testerone in this post, here's something pretty to look at:

Yes I am a Man U fan. Since I was 10, may I hasten to add, so don’t type the words ‘glory hunter’ because they do not apply.


  1. Im a united fan too!
    Hi5! :D
    I love Giggs, he is an absolute legend. The guy plays amazing footie.
    Football over the weekend was disappointing! Thought we could have gone further with our unbeaten run, but no.

  2. HI FIVE Smiley! (People used to call me that before, I keep thinking Im writing to myself)

    Mmm... yeah... You don't really associate the name 'Wolverhampton' with winning. Especially against Man United. As some would say... 'that's deep' lol

    We were unbeaten but we need more strong wins! Man City next - that's always interesting lol

  3. Haha! awwh. :)
    i get super duper excited when i bump into a united fan, its like meeting a long lost family member!
    Okay, that sounds creepy, but you know what i mean aye?
    We'll see what happens, got some trick matches ahead. Fingers crossed!

  4. HA Youre lucky I DO know what you mean! Things could have taken a different turn there... hmmm lol

    Yep, hopefully things will pick up. But Man Utd is Man Utd - when things are good, theyre excellent. When they're bad, they're interesting. Theyre lucky I dont bite my nails otherwise I'd have sued them time ago. Am I making sense? Basically, theyre always interesting to watch. And if the match is boring Alex Ferguson always says something to spice things up. And if he's boring then watching him chew on gum always makes me giggle lol