Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The World Has Gone Mad

In the run up to the annual TUC demonstrations, the Met have decided to change tact and implement a slightly more 'polite' policing for the event. They will provide water and access to toilet facilities to those who are ‘kettled.’ Furthermore, they will allow peaceful protestors and innocent passersbys to get past without being battered to death. Ian Tomlinson! He should have waited another two years before he decided to aggravate the police by innocently walking home from work.

The new iPad is released today. One word: Don’t.

The difference between the new iPad and the down right ancient one (released just months ago) is that the new model features a camera. A CAM-E-RA, I tell you. These days you can’t buy a washing machine that doesn’t come with a camera; it’s a standard feature! Apple are milking the hype they generate by purposely holding back so they can continue to release more versions – and lo and behold, the junkies will prove that they never waver in their resolve to hand over their cash for the same thing REPACKAGED.

Anyway, there are rumours circulating that a newer new model will be out in September.

September 2011.

Tony Blair
It has been revealed that my favourite ex-Prime Minister has been making secret phone calls to Gaddafi. Its not as illicit as it sounds but I find it really funny just trying to imagine how the transcripts read. Blair would be ever the diplomat, annoyingly calm and stumbling over words at times and Gaddafi would be labelling everyone but his mother a druggie, a rat or a cockroach.


  1. LOOOOOOOOOL ahhhh gaddafi is a funny one. we watched that hour long rambling last week, tsk tsk. Blair is blatantly up his bum, they're bezzie mates. I saw what they said about them on 10 o'clock live, I was in stitches!

    Apple are a joke now, washing machines with cameras xD Mine has bluetooth an' all! The police can just suck it...never liked them. My sister said she wanted to be a fed last week when she came over and I told her it was out of the question. I may not be her parents but hell to the no is she becoming one of 'them'.

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx oooooooooooooo

  2. LOL@ your labels!
    That iPad thing is just nuts mann! And what is up with this camera obsession?
    As for Blair, dont like him at all now.

  3. Smiley I like Blair better now that he's not IN power lol yeah men are the problem!

    Carmen they make an unlikely alliance! Blair all proper and Gaddafi like a mad man! He's so RANDOM on tv, starts going off on a tangent. His age is showing lol

    hmmm... I wanna be a policewoman lol

    dont hate me :( its just so cool. yeah i think i just wanna chase criminals which is funny cos it would look like a 14 year old girl chasing butch men lol xxxx :(