Tuesday, 8 March 2011

How To Survive A Dining Experience At Tayyabs

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I don't write about food, I eat it, so no review here I'm afraid. HOWEVER, my lovely friend Ayeshah has reviewed Tayyabs on her blog, so feel free to hop over here. The award winning restuarant holds a cult status amongst food bloggers so there are plenty more reviews online, should you need convincing about how amazing the food is. They are based in London and serve traditional Pakistani Punjabi food, but none of the watered down imitiations certain other restuarants dish out (where you can't get chilli or salt for love nor money).

Although it is a lovely place to eat, you do need to arm yourself with the tips below before you even consider making a visit. You can thank me later. Especially for Tip 6. Trrrrust me. 
  1. Book your table in advance. You can do this online. Call on the day to confirm your booking to avoid any reservation disasters that are mentioned in some reviews. 
  2. Take a sodoku with you if you turn up without a booking during peak times (evenings, weekends). You'll need it for the queue.
  3. If possible, ask to be seated downstairs. It is darker, has better furnishings and some of the tables are not as crammed together. Note; the lower floor is only open in the evenings.
  4. Be prepared for a lot of noise and people, especially if you are seated upstairs during peak times.
  5. Be nice to the person serving you. They might be a bit short and abrupt with you due to rush of customers but they generally respond well to smiles and compliments. Err.. dn't flirt. Well, don't flirt unless the restaurant is empty enough for you to reap the rewards of your efforts - if the waiter wants to bring you an extra pot of sauce, a wad of tissue, a cleaner knife, who are you to refuse?
And finally... the mother of all tips:  

6. Take a bottle of Febreeze with you for when you leave. Seriously. Douse yourself in the stuff for the journey home so as not to suffocate any unsuspecting passer bys. We were accosted by a sales lady in Amani (a sari shop nearby) with a can of air freshener and an almighty dirty look. Our feelings were summed up by one in our party - 'Nahhh. That's deep'.

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