Monday, 21 March 2011

Good afternoon ♥

Isn’t it a lovely day today? Ok, so it’s Monday but the sun is shining and Eastenders is back on tonight! (I just want to know what happens to Whitney!)

Anyway, I have been MIA for a bit now but I hope to delve back into the blogesphere soon. I have a few posts lined up - beauty and book reviews, Eurovision and a post on men’s fashion! Yeah, UNMISSABLE as I am sure you all agree. I am also a little behind on my Dashboard reading list so I will be catching up on those too.

Have a lovely day everyone!

R xxx


  1. That picture is so pretty!
    I was wondering where you had gone. Looking forward to your postings :)
    && it wasn't such a lovely day here. 8-)

  2. Aw, thanks.. That's sweet you even wondered lol hope its lovely there TODAY! Its raining here! Wet shoes.. enough said :-( x