Monday, 2 May 2011

The Royal Honeymoon

Well, we don't yet know where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are going for their honeymoon. To be honest I am not interested - its their private time, they're married and they shouldn't have to face half the world's media to get that privacy. But, it is interesting that the Daily Mail is reporting that their honeymoon location is somewhere in the Indian Ocean and is 'very Robinson Crusoe-like'. £4000 a night. Right. It doesn't take a genius to figure it out.

I'm left wondering if Kate Middleton has been rummaging through my wedding scrap book (I don't have one... Really) but there have been one too many coincidences if this honeymoon rumour is true.

This is 

This was

This is one of MY ideal holiday destinations... picture me stomping my feet!

The award winning resort really is paradise on earth. A whole villa to yourself, a private butler, cook and transport to the main island whenever you request it. The entire resort prides itself on its commitment to eco issues (it was built using locally sourced wood) and they have a 'no news no shoes policy' (yes, they confiscate your shoes upon arrival). Jump off your villa whenever you fancy a swim or sleep under the stars on your outdoor bed. Request your own private picnic on one of the two small private desert islands nearby or go for a sunset boat ride with dolphins and sea turtles. Oh and HALAL FOOD. (All this info from memory - I impress myself sometimes).

Pretty much perfect.

I really sound like a snob but I don't care about the butlers and all the other small luxuries they throw in. I love this place so much for their philosophy and also how REMOTE it is. It truly is the perfect desert island.


  1. The maldives looks like perfection. Can see why it's a popular place to go to for honeymooners. But maaaan, it is expensive!

  2. Haliiiiima! Tell me about it! But there are a few price ranges - I'm doing my saving lol if my husband to be cant take me, I'll take me.

  3. I second that! I'm gonna start saving now looks like a dream! for me the maldives is a lazy girl's dream and I could laze on whole another level lol! just looking at the photos gets me in the holiday matter how much it takes I'm going!

  4. YEAH SHAMIYA! All about aspirations and having goals to work towards right? lol there are a few other resorts but either theyre really exclusive and you can hire out the whole island (er, no) or they're too built up or too 'ordinary.' this one is just perfect! Oh and they have a spa lol

    LAZY GIRLS! I didnt know I was one until I discovered this gem of a resort!

    WOOHOO, Shamiya we're going!!!!!!!!!!

  5. YEP WE'RE DEFINETELY going! I just love the idea of your bedroom just being in front of the beach it just sounds like paradise! and it really really doesnt help when like half of my relatives have gone and cant stop raving about the maldives of my uncles were saying that he stayed at an island resort whereas his sister stayed closer to the town and it was more suitable cos you can go shopping and also he mentioned that the food is divine! lets get planning then lol!

  6. Wow! Just amazing! I follow you now! would you like to follow me back?

  7. wow, I love the Halal food part :)